Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back to the Future

You may have noticed less frequent postings to this blog lately. Allow me to explain. My spare time has been focused over the past few months on a quest to become the first Director of Sustainability at Indiana University and making the transition from one career to another. I start that new career on Monday.

For me this is a return to the beautiful Bloomington campus where I first learned about the foundational ecological concepts that guided my career as an architect and led me to focus on the sustainable design of buildings and communities. The Indiana University Task Force on Sustainability has been busy the past two years formulating a road map for a more sustainable campus and I am anxious to catalyze the implementation of that exciting strategic plan in collaboration with a cast of thousands. This is also an opportunity for me to teach, learn, lead, research and write in a career where my personal mission and what I get paid to do are in complete alignment. That is a my definition of a dream job.

Stay tuned as I head back to the future and attempt to have as much positive impact on my alma mater as it has had on me.


Carol Gulyas said...

Bill, we are very excited that

1) I.U. has hired a sustainability "czar"
2) That the czar is you!

Carol and David Gulyas, Bloomington

Anonymous said...

You gave your time to help us make the vision of a green library in Tiverton RI closer to a reality, and to bring it as well to the New England Library Association.
It is even more exciting to see the scope of this new venture.
We all need that vision and the expertise to get us there.
Just reading
Best of luck.

Graeme said...

Sounds like a dream come true, getting paid to do what you love - and in Bloomington! Good luck on your quest.

Adam said...

Great to see campuses getting involved with sustainable practices, the current bunch of college kids are going to be leaders of the "green" pack! Visit our green home's website for valuable sustainable building information at:

Dan Boise said...

Good luck with the new career!