Saturday, June 21, 2008

Green, Affordable, Disaster-Resistant Kit Homes

If you are looking to rebuild quickly after being flooded out or blown out by recent storms in the Midwest, you may want to have a look at LV Series Homes by Rocio Romero that can withstand 150-mile-per-hour winds and have about twice the insulation of a standard home. 

There are several elegant modern prefab green homes out there now (see Living Homes, Marmol Radziner, Glidehouse) but they tend to be rather expensive. Romero's LV Series homes are panelized kits that are among the most attractive prefabs I've seen and by far the least expensive (assuming you get a good deal on the assembly or do some of it yourself). A 1400-square-foot 2-bedroom home sells for $45,000 and 
is shipped on one flatbed truck. Has Habitat for Humanity seen these?

I'm writing this from my crowded home office lusting after the LVM studio cube that would look great in my back yard above the high water mark for less than $24,000. Some assembly required.


Maya said...

Bill these are super cool! Makes me want to purchase the field across the street and put one of these on it!

Timothy said...

What a unique, clean and simple design.

It's really great to see modern prefab green homes gaining momentum in the market. It is important that we live our lives and in homes that help better the environment.

If I had 24,000 extra dollars I'd buy one today.