Thursday, May 15, 2008

Change the World in 888 days.

Just 888 days to 10/20/2010!

No, you didn't miss anything. As far as I know, nothing significant has been planned for ten twenty twenty ten, but it is time to start. It is a decadent date that doesn't happen very often (OK, once in history). Those of us with ten toes and ten fingers (and twenty digits) should all get together and do something with all those base ten appendages to solve a big problem. Your next chance at base-ten symmetry comes at 20/20/2020, which would be really be special, but, alas, we only have 12 months. There's 10/10/2020, but it lacks symmetry. 

No, I think there is something special about that day in late October, just over two years from now. What will you be doing? What could you be doing? What could we all be doing together?

Join me in planning that special day and spread the word! 

Watch this spot in the next twenty days and send me your best ten ideas. When there are 777 days until 10202010, this idea will be global!

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