Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Vulcan Project at Purdue University

Indiana tends to be famous for its corn and basketball and race cars, but we also have some world-class scientists here, like Kevin Gurney and his team at the Purdue Climate Research Center. If you feel confused about climate change, spend some time with Professor Gurney. His matter of fact delivery of the science without the rhetoric will set you straight. This week his team, which included NASA and Department of Energy scientists, unveiled their Vulcan project which graphically maps carbon dioxide emissions for North America at space and time scales previously unachievable. 

Kevin Gurney testified today before a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing about proposed deforestation and climate change policy. U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Republican leader Senator Dick Lugar, another Hoosier product, made the following remarks about the Vulcan project in his opening remarks:

"I am particularly pleased that Professor Kevin Gurney, who leads Project Vulcan, is here to testify today. Last week I sent a Dear Colleague letter to Senators depicting one of a series of maps produced by Purdue -- along with NASA and the Department of Energy -- showing carbon emissions in the United States. This type of mapping technology will be critical to a vibrant carbon trading market in the future, and to efforts to quantify the benefits of preserving forest lands."

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