Saturday, February 23, 2008

Investing in Energy Productivity

When I look at the rapid fundamental transformation needed in energy policy to achieve IPCC recommendations for stabilizing greenhouse gas emissions and then look for evidence of these changes taking place, it is hard to be optimistic. It seems we are shoveling coal faster and faster on a runaway train when we know there is a bridge out around the bend.

So it was with some sense of hope that I read the new report by McKinsey & Company, The Case for Investing in Energy Productivity.

This report offers a new a way to frame the policy debate by offering strategies to make money while also significanty reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The authors have also offered a new phrase, "energy productivity," which causes a reframing of the old energy efficiency or conservation paradigms. Much like refocusing one's eye while looking at a Magic Eye picture, this opens up a whole new vista of opportunities to bring divergent causes together for the common good.

Can we invest our way to a more stable climate? If so, everybody wins. Let's get started!

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